Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interior Fireplace Update

Due to weather we haven't got as much done on the fireplace as we would have liked to. Oh well, nothing but time! The weather just hasn't been conducive to cutting the rock outside or setting up the scaffolding yet. Perry has been working on the beams that will frame the sides of the fireplace. I just finished oiling the 6 he had ready. They should set off the rock nicely.
Oiled with Watco Oil - Dark Walnut, the same color the west poplar wall in the loft was oiled
First one up on the wall, love the rough look of these Pine 6 x 6s 
The very heavy 7" deep maple mantle has been patiently waiting for a long time, leaned up against the wall 
One of the side logs for the lower part of the fireplace.... pretty cool poplar wood posts will hold the mantle
Relax... Respect... Enjoy.... Dorri

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Favourite Artist Finds on Pinterest

New feature on Tuesdays. 
I am very happy to share with y'all some crazy talented artists I have come upon, on Pinterest, with a weekly blog posting. I hope you will enjoy these gifted people like I do and appreciate their art as well.

"We artists are indestructible; even in a prison, or in a concentration camp, I would be almighty in my own world of art, even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell."
Pablo Picasso

Geninne D. Zlatkis
Geninne is from Santa Fe, New Mexico and she creates beautiful vivid watercolours.
Check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop 

Just a small sampling of her whimsical style
I absolutely adore the Lovebirds in knitted toques how cute are they?

Relax...Respect...Enjoy...I wonder who I am gonna find next Tuesday...Dorri

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentines Day is Coming Soon

Last year at this time we were living the life in Palm Springs. Hiking around the mountains; enjoying the desert lifestyle. So in honour of that awesome vacation I want to share with you  this superb drink for Valentine's Day. Think Pink!!! Remember to make the infused tequila a few days before you make the drinks. Prickly Pear Margarita

The prickly pear cactus thrives in the deserts of the American Southwest; it's bulbous red fruit is prized for many Mexican preparations. This legendary margarita, which takes it's distinctive flavour from the fruit, comes from bartender Ruben Bernal at Las Canarias restaurant in San Antonio, Texas.


Prickly Pear Infused Vodka
  • 10 Prickly Pears
  • 26 oz bottle Tequila
Peel the Prickly Pears and place in jar. Add tequila, seal jar tightly and steep for two days or more.

Margarita for Two
  • 1 tequila infused Prickly Pear (from the jar where you infused them!!)
  • 4 oz Prickly Pear infused Tequila
  • 2 oz Frozen Limeade
  • 1 1/2 oz Cointreau
Mash 1 Prickly Pear and strain into bowl. Combine infused tequila, 2 cups crushed ice, limeade, Cointreau, and the mashed Prickly Pear in blender. PurĂ©e until slushy.

Relax... Respect...Enjoy... Dorri

Monday, January 25, 2016

Grandchildren Photo Update

It has been awhile since I posted pictures of our grandchildren so I thought I would give you a treat. These two little monkeys light up our lives. We only wish they lived closer with Sawyer in Fort St John, BC he is about 16 hours away driving time. Flying means a 3 hr drive to Saskatoon, then fly to Calgary, then fly to FSJ.  Isla is in Australia so she is about 30 hours away (flying is pretty much the only way to go see her haha) but only till this summer when they move back home to Saskatchewan. Dr Barks will graduate from the University of Wollongong and bring Megan and Isla home. He will be doing his residency out of the U of S so we hope to see lots of them.
Ashley and Sawyer December 2015 she was always a poser and now so is he lol
Sawyer warming up after a bath on Dexy....Jan 2016
Isla is 15 months old now. On the beach in Tasmania holidaying with Mommy and Daddy
Throw back to Ashley at 2 little tom boy, I keep this picture in my sewing studio so I see it often
Isla picking berries in Tasmania Jan 2016
Isla's first camping trip to Tasmania, 1st long ferry ride too
Isla helping decorate the Christmas tree home in Narrandera, NSW, Australia
Ashley and Sawyer having drinks in Shannon's awesome mugs The Kilnhouse where of course as you all know along with her incredible pottery and art, my stained glass/driftwood art is available
Grandma and Sawyer taking selfies Christmas 2015
Sawyer bean having a bun at the condo in Melfort before they head home to FSJ
Sawyer is 2 yrs and 2 months now... the joys of arriving home from Christmas at Grandma and Grandpas to find out his old toys are new again!!!! of the greatest gifts your heart will ever know... Dorri

Saturday, January 23, 2016

If it is Winter I Must be Snowshoeing

My grandpa Peterson's snow shoes from back in the day when he used them for trapping up north
Winter in Northern Saskatchewan entails many fun outdoor sports when the weather is mild enough to appreciate them. I really enjoy getting out on my snowshoes to walk the trails and across the lake. My dad still traps so I usually head out on his trapline to check his traps as well. Sometimes I just listen to the sounds of nature and sometimes I put on earphones and rock out to my playlists. Either way I end up with a 17,000 step plus average on my Fitbit...yay for me and PS I love my Fitbit.
My snowshoes are by GV made in Canada
Wiki says - A snowshoe is footwear for walking over the snow. Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person's foot does not sink completely into the snow, a quality called "flotation".
Traditional snowshoes have a hardwood frame with rawhide lacings. Some modern snowshoes are similar, but most are made of materials such as lightweight metal, plastic, and synthetic fabric. In addition to distributing the weight, snowshoes are generally raised at the toe for maneuverability. They must not accumulate snow, hence the latticework, and require bindings to attach them to the feet.
In the past, snowshoes were essential tools for fur traders, trappers and anyone whose life or living depended on the ability to get around in areas of deep and frequent snowfall, and they remain necessary equipment for forest rangers and others who must be able to get around areas inaccessible to motorized vehicles when the snow is deep. However, snowshoes are mainly used today for recreation, primarily by hikers and runners who like to continue their hobby in wintertime. Snowshoeing is easy to learn and in appropriate conditions is a relatively safe and inexpensive recreational activity
The indigenous people of North America developed the most advanced and diverse snowshoes prior to the 20th century. Nearly every North American aboriginal culture developed its own particular shape of shoe, the simplest and most primitive being those of the far north. The Inuit have two styles, one being triangular in shape and about 18 inches (46 cm) in length, and the other almost circular, both reflecting the need for high flotation in deep, loose and powdery snow. However, contrary to popular perception, the Inuit did not use their snowshoes much since they did most of their foot travel in winter over sea ice or on the tundra, where snow does not pile up deeply.
Outside of indigenous populations and some competitions such as Arctic Winter Games, very few of the old-fashioned snowshoes are actually used by enthusiasts anymore, although some value them for the artisanship involved in their construction. They are sometimes seen as decorations, mounted on walls or on mantels in ski lodges. Even though many enthusiasts prefer aluminum snowshoes, there is still a large group of snowshoe enthusiasts who prefer wooden snowshoes. Wooden frames do not freeze as readily. Many enthusiasts also prefer wood snowshoes because they are very quiet.
Warning heavy snow may fall on your head from the snow laden branches....
The trees have been weighted down with snow and hoarfrost pretty much all winter...white white and more white, following along the edge of the lake alongside an otter track

Relax...Respect...Enjoy some snowy outdoor sports today... Dorri

Friday, January 22, 2016

Barn Board Clean Up

We collected another batch of awesome barn board last fall. Unfortunately it never made it up to the lake until December. Fast forward to the Christmas season falalalala.. la .. la! So much fun. So we just stacked it up in the garage until we had the time to deal with it. (Perry's side...sorry Perry).  The wood is from the same old barn out by Melfort that we used for the Garage 1/2 Bath. Garage Bathroom Completion (So to Speak!) The roof has now partially fallen on this lovely old relic of a building. I noticed a date on the peak of 1918 or was it 1928, oops can't remember, but it is old. We love the element of history entailed in using almost century old wood in our home. Wood, old beams, rocks, stained glass, iron and what else. Eclectic at best!!!!

Wonder how long until the old barn that is still standing will fall 
Goodbye to this amazing barn, I am sure it will be burnt one of these day, glad we were able to salvage a little bit of it's history
Setting up to start removing the nails and there a lot of them
Some of the wood was from the roof where there were wood shakes attached and hence zillions of nails
A 4 litre pail of rusty ol nails that were hammered in many moons ago by men likely, not women, but this women pulled them out lol
De-nailed, trimmed, stacked and ready to move out
Our plans for this delicious barn board involve the Main Floor Bathroom. After the Garage 1/2 Bath was complete, we fell totally in love with the look we had created. We knew it had to be replicated in a more frequented room. We still have a temporary sink and vanity in this bathroom because we are replacing the shower unit. It was just a stock white shower with a seat and it really never felt right. It has a great Moen shower spray unit but it was crying out for a more organic setting. The shower will be yanked out, a tiled shower room created out of slate and pebbles with an awesome rock seat as well. The sink is actually carved out of a rock too and will sit on top of the vanity. Renovations before the original completion but hey what can you do!! Only the best for our main bathroom.

Original shower with the Moen spray system with memory settings, our guests got it good
So back to the barn board. It's a square bathroom, the sliding pocket door wall will stay taupe painted gyproc, the wall behind the sink/vanity will be barn board, and the wall behind the toilet will be half board and half pebble/slate like the Garage 1/2 Bath. When we are ready to begin this project, our lovely board will be ready and climatized.
Perry got the last two dock board shelves up in my workshop. love them
Our son-in-law Danny devised these great shelf brackets out of electrical conduit. They have a very industrial feel to them. Perfect for the glass shop. He also makes lamps too, so  check out his website for original art lamps & shelving. Say hi from me ;-))
Great shelf brackets out of electrical conduit
The other morning this is the view I awoke to. A stunning multi-colored sunrise spread across the south eastern sky. No filter, taken with my iPhone. We feel very blessed to live in the land of the living skies. An ever-changing majestic show from Mother Nature inspires us. 
For most people, we often marvel at the beauty of a sunrise or the magnificence of a full moon, but it is impossible to fathom the magnitude of the universe that surrounds us.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Interior Fireplace Beginning.....

The dreaded month of January has arrived and you know what that means.... time to begin the finally finishing of the interior fireplace wall. 2 1/2 stories high lends an interesting fact to this project. We will be living with scaffolding again but once this large project is complete the way will be paved for smaller finishes to begin that HAD to wait till this mess was gone. I finished installing the ledgestone on the front of the house this fall, a blog to follow with pictures. So I feel more practiced and ready to tackle this project.  

The stone is once again Boral - Country Ledgestone - main color is Wolf Creek and the accent wave is Black Rundle. The wave is an interpretation of a tree branch??? Or so I am saying now. I can do this by the seat of my pants, build and create as I go. Pretty much every rock in the wave will need one or more cuts, some may be four. Lucky for us the main work site is the loft across from the fireplace and we can go out the garden doors and cut on the upper deck. Whew. My FitBit will still get a workout. Not so lucky will be 6 layers of scaffolding and a narrow walkway from the loft over to the scaffold. Perry is all about safety so I imagine it will be reinforced and tied down all over to WCB standard.

Sketching out the rough idea

I screwed 2x4s to the floor 79" apart and approx 14' long to layout my template for the wave. I sketched the wave on brown paper with chalk until it I got the curve that looked right to me. I cut the wave out to leave the pattern on the floor. Yay for not finishing floors until the fireplace was complete. This way I can get the fireplace looking exactly how I want it to on the floor, then move pieces over as required and mortar them on. It will be like painting by numbers...I hope it is that simple!
The beginning of any project is exciting. Man it will be nice to have the massive Maple slab mantle installed and not leaning on the wall forever! Plus Perry will get his garage back from being a storage unit for the huge trees that will hold the mantle, the beams and oh the other tree that we found that is going in the garage entrance. It has the greatest little twist in it. Found that on the other side of the lake last summer....Perry hauled it with the watercraft back here haha!

Placing the stones with attention to color and size. Will leave the wave stone till after the main stone is cut and placed. I used chalk to mark the cuts in this stage. I will use Jiffy marker before cutting. This just gives me opportunity to move stones around if I feel it needs a lighter or darker stone somewhere.
(Sure typing stone lots haha) 
From that black roof paper up is the piece we are working on now. Once that is complete the higher scaffolding will come down and we will work from the mantle up to the what is now black paper. So just like outside we staple black roofing paper, metal lath and then apply a scratch coat of mortar before installing stone. I don't have a template yet for the peak, until I am up there on the scaffold. But it adds about another 3 feet to the top of what I have on the floor. An addition to this is the 4 x 6 rough pine beams that have to installed on either side of the fireplace. They can go up before we get at the scratch coat or after, really does't matter. We debated about using the Boral stone corners but the majority of the corner would have had to be cut off so thought wood beams would look awesome. They are rough cut and will be stained similar to the window frames.

Been a long hard year with setbacks and sadness. Looking forward to finishing more projects on the house this year, with lots of love and fun times ahead. Happy New Year laugh love each day like it's your last cos you never know when it will be.

Relax... Respect...Enjoy... Dorri