Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy 29th Birthday Brandon

29 years ago my baby boy was born. Brandon James Kirsten Barks came into this world on his own time frame at 28 weeks. 12 weeks early at 3 lbs 1/2 oz. We were totally blessed with the great medical care we received in the Saskatoon University Hospital.  He was able to come home by the middle of May; tiny, but in perfect health. So proud of you and the man you have become. Happy birthday down under.

Baby journal
Brandon and Coco
From your 1st birthday to your 29th
Daddy Brandon reading to baby Isla
Relax... Respect...Enjoy....have a great birthday dinner party Brandon love you....Momma Dorri

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Healthy Life Thanks to Sprouts

A long time ago I bought this cute little 3 layer sprouter. I used it for a quite awhile and then like most stuff you get bored with, it was stored in the pantry for years. I decided to dust it off a while back and start growing my own sprouts again. Unfortunately during the moves the bottom drain tray was cracked but the three growing trays were fine. Dad is gonna fix it for me yay!! Thanks Dad. I placed the trays in a bowl and planted the sprouts. A few days later voila fresh healthy sprouts. Living in a small town the access to really fresh great produce is not always possible. Variety is slim too. There are times there are not even sprouts available. Oh my gosh who knew!!!!! I can purchase seeds from the health food store but I ordered these ones from Vesey's Seeds. I am trying Organic Alfalfa sprouts, Organic Broccoli sprouts, Organic Radish sprouts, Organic Spring Salad Mix, Organic Spicy Lentils, and Organic Sandwich Booster mix. We have had them on salmon sandwiches on rye bread. They tasted amazing. Crunchy, spicy and healthy. After growing for about 5 days I place them in a Tupperware cold cuts 3 layer container, works perfect to store them. Toss them in with smoothies for a boost too. Place a damp piece of paper towel on the bottom of each layer. They won't last long.... too delicious!

Growing well kinda like magic. Kids would enjoy watching them, good idea for Sawyer for his birthday
Rye bread and sockeye salmon with fresh sprouts
One small issue, I don't remember which seed was which!! Next crop I will make small labels until I get used to which is which lol!!!!
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... fresh organic home grown  produce... Dorri

Time is Flying in 2015

I am not sure where the time has gone but holy crap the end of March is looming over us. I still have not accomplished anything at the Lakehouse other than fun sewing projects. Perry has got a great start on the master bedroom closet though. I am not sure why life has gotten so busy seems like all we do is drive.... back and forth to the Lakehouse or Saskatoon. Although I did take a fun mini trip to Fort St John to see my little snuggle bunny Sawyer & Ash for 5 days in March. Hmm sounds like a sound 5 Days in May lol!! My lists do not seem to be shrinking!! Too many ideas not enough time. I have started carrying a journal around and I have my elists on my iPad. 2015 is a year of self-improvement and organization. I have begun to create photo books on Shutterfly from all the the digital pictures I have. Yay for cleaning that mess up. I follow a blog called A Thousand Words. She makes photo books on Blurb and has given me a lot of inspiration. 

I have been wanting to upgrade this blog and change up the graphics, give it a good spring clean. I have started but not completely finished. Technology gets away from me so quickly and I ended up having to watch tutorials on html and graphics!! Argh. I am very thankful for Google and UTube. Make some comments on how I'm doing!!!

Been quilting a couple small projects, another tiny sun bonnet for Isla and a couple of mug rugs for the coffee tables at the condo. Since I had my Creative Vision repaired I just want to sew and paint, and craft, and do glass.....priorities Dorri get on the house!

Heading to Saskatoon tomorrow to go to the Maroon 5 concert with Angela & Gary and Angele & Brian and of course my gorgeous finance Perry. Thursday night we are attending a steak night for a cancer fundraiser. Friday back to Melfort and then up to the Lakehouse that evening....

Sawyer bean being goofy. He is so much fun now
Isla is growing like a weed, she is 5 months old already. Back in Australia now so we won't see her until Christmas except for FaceTime.... boo
Mug rugs for the condo.... before I hand sewed the binding to the back side
I love it, no more paper towel sitting on the glass for my water or wine
You will notice the little tiny pocket I added for teeth plaquers!! I really really hate seeing them lying around and now they have a place to be stored
Isla's second sun bonnet I made for her. Gotta keep that precious little one safe from the sun
Getting ready for the Maroon 5 concert.... cherry/strawberry jello shooters.... limo ride refreshments???

Relax...Respect...Enjoy....some hot Adam Levine.........sizzle sizzle.... Dorri

Master Bedroom Closet Update

Perry has done an incredible job installing the cedar planking in the master bedroom closet. It smells just amazing. We purchased it from Windsor Plywood in pre-packaged packs of 10 square feet per pack. Very nice product but not straight or true by any means. Once the closet organizer is installed you really won't see much of the cedar except the one wall but it will be like storing your clothes in a cedar chest. Safe from moths :-))

Air nailing the boards onto the 2x4s. This wall will have a custom closet organizer installed
Perry added some built in shelves in this 6" wall shared with the plumbing for the bathroom  
You can never have enough storage space
Bead board was glued to the drywall in between the wall joists, painted and glazed
We aren't adding a door as there is a pocket door on the bathroom already that you can see in the top right side of this photo to the left is the bathroom
Back to Windsor this week to purchase 7 more packages of the cedar so we can finish. I cannot wait until we can use this room and have our clothes organized completely. Will be a good excuse to go thru our lake clothes and pare down.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy...this lovely spring day... Dorri

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Projects Completed

Since we arrived home from Palm Springs I have been busy finishing and starting a couple projects. Nope, no house projects, although Perry has been doing some installation of the cedar master bedroom closet walls. Least someone is working. I finished Isla's baby quilt just in time for her departure from Canada back to sunny warm Australia. Goodbye our sweet baby granddaughter, I think she loved it lol. See you next Christmas don't grow up too much. I made her a cute little sun bonnet and have plans for a couple more soon. They grow fast and fall is fast approaching them in NSW. I quickly designed and planned a new baby quilt for Perry's good friends' first grandson Silviu Junior. Actually he is Silviu the 4th, the name is being passed down from grandpa to dad to son to grandson. Nice family tradition. 

Megan picked the dino fabric out at a quilting store up in the mountains when I was in Australia. Lots left to make something else cute for her
And it fit great. How much do babies head grow in the first year.... Isn't she sweet
I picked a Noah's Ark theme for baby Silviu Jr's quilt , with bright vibrant colors
Free motion quilted, here is a view of the back flannel and quilt tag
I had my Pfaff machine serviced twice since I moved back to Saskatchewan and it is running like a dream now 
Part of baby Isla's quilt label
Baby Isla's quilt. I found this great kangaroo fabric online on Ebay and purchased the matching fabrics in Australia, the quilt grew on me and I guess it actually became a toddler quilt in size. When you use a printed fabric with such a cute theme you don't want to cut the blocks too small!!! 
Closer up  view of the baby giraffe embroidery, my machine wasn't performing well while I was doing this project and it was a struggle to finish. I could have likely shaved off 25 hours of embroidery time if I had taken it  in sooner to be adjusted lol. I had it fixed while we were in Palm Springs so it was like Christmas to return and try it out and now I just wanna sew and sew and sew.....

Relax... Respect... Enjoy...doing what you love today... Dorri

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinterest Audition: Cauliflower Crusts

We have changed our diet to exclude most grains and it was not a hardship. I feel better for the switch out and am enjoying the challenge of researching and making healthy meals. We are not being crazy about it. Last weekend we had smokies in whole wheat thin bread out sledding. Perry really loves mini pizzas for dinner once in awhile. I found some recipes for coconut flour crusts but wanted to try the cauliflower ones first. A complete success followed. Really so very simple too. The crust was substantial enough to pick up and eat also.

The crusts cooling after being baked

Cauliflower Tortillas (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free)

3/4 head of cauliflower riced ( I used a whole head)
2 eggs
salt & pepper to taste

  • Preheat oven to 375 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper
  • I didn't rice the cauliflower I used my food processor and creamed it. Cook 2 min in the microwave, stir & then cook an additional 2 minutes
  • Place in a cotton cloth and squeeze the moisture out. Careful as it will be hot.
  • Place back in a bowl and add remaining ingredients, it will be a bit runny
  • Spread mix in thin circles onto the parchment paper
  • Bake for 10 min, carefully peel and flip. Cook for another 5 - 7 minutes
  • Cool on wire rack
  • The recipe called for browning in a frying pan. I skipped this step because I was using them for pizza crusts and they were going back into the oven.
Spreading the crusts with tomato pesto
Mini pizzas ready to cook. After the tomato pesto layer I placed thinly sliced onions, peppers, mushrooms and cooked chicken. Topped with a sprinkle of feta cheese and thin slices of JalapeƱo Havarti. (Incidentally Perry used a potato peeler and peeled the thinnest slices of cheese ever, who knew you could peel cheese with a potato peeler??)
The finished product.... absolutely delicious!!!!

Also of note to mention is that the next day the leftovers tasted great. The crust did not absorb moisture in the fridge at all. A complete success, we will make these again and adapt them for other bread type uses.

Relax... Respect...Enjoy....give up those grains... Dorri