Thursday, October 23, 2014

Deck Building #2

Perry has been busy this fall working on completing the deck. Last weekend he got very close to finishing. It is looking amazing. I can't wait to get home and see it in person. We will still have the stairs to complete next year but we have temporary ones in place. Cold snowy Saskatchwan winters do not equal to much deck usage. By the looks of the weather he will be finished before the snow falls and stays. I can highly recommend this decking. Fiberon makes an excellent product, looks like California redwood with no fading and upkeep. Color is Ipe with Rosewood trim. 
Not much for leftovers, will use them on the planters along side the stairs
The north deck off the great room and dining room, eventually may screen in the covered portion....bugs you know? I have gotten the idea that since we haven't finished installing rock on the fireplace wall I might do some stepping stone mosaics in the centre? Just a thought for next summer like I need more projects on the list
The remaining crazy corner, north east corner
The back deck off the kitchen facing East, 12 x 18 covered deck above shelters the bbq area

Perry's little helper Lil Guy looking for a peanut

Someone was running out of daylight... time for a break I think

Finishing the back deck off the kitchen in the warm morning sunshine
The Northside

East side
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... another project almost completed... Dorri

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby Baby Baby

We were lucky this year to get a visit from this lil guy and his mommy twice this year (and daddy once too lol) and Christmas will make three. It has been awesome watching his firsts and seeing him grow. Pretty special little people grandchildren are. Blessed to have one and almost two.

Sawyer Bean and Ashley

New baby due Oct 13th, yes "she" is late.... Meg sent this neat picture of the baby's size of hand

Warming the Teddy Bear or is the Teddy Bear warming Ash up on this rainy cloudy day

Hi Grandma... loves using his puppy Dexter to stand up and as a pillow

Loving nature
Birthday card from Ashley, Danny and Sawyer
Relax... Respect... Enjoy the blessings of children & grandchildren... Dorri

Monday, October 20, 2014

Summer Fun

Once in awhile we need to take a break from the house building and have some fun. Here are a few shots from our summer fun filled days...
Quadding on the trail to Heart Lake

Dorri & Gladys at Gladys's 90th Birthday celebration in Codette. Gladys was my first and best boss of all times at Nipawin Florists. Oh those were the days.

Lil Guy just haning out on the deck with us. He is peanut addict and loves to be on Instagram

Kayaking across the lake. Not nearly enough of this done this summer. We need to get Perry his own boat so we can go together

A perfect summer day at Little Bear Lake, SK

Ready for a day of water crafting

We enjoyed many a beautiful sunset and sunrise this summer

Quad trip to Heart Lake with Blockas and Gary & Angela

I am outside roughing it in the bugs and the great outdoors....where's the bathroom?

Hang loose mates...

Triple selfies... Dorri, Angela & Angele

Gary just having a time!!

What happens when I try and do a marshmellow Baily's shooter.....stickiness ugh

Well done smokies... just the way we like em

My awesome fiance.... just looking hott

Us at Heart Lake wearing our California Highway Patrol helmets... don't they look like that?

Any day I can go driftwood gathering is a good day indead

Driftwood gathering

Stealing some wood from the beaver house....they are friendly aren't they?

Kayaking the other side of the lake

Ashley and their entourage playing on the beach

There's messy baby Sawyer in daddy's arms enjoying a day
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Arrival of Fall

The arrival of fall is upon us, the warm days of autumn are diminishing. As I await the arrival of our 2nd grandchild in Australia the air back home is turning crisp. I must say that missing a month of fall is not a bad thing, very blessed to enjoy 6 weeks of spring/summer in NSW.

How true is this

My favourite birds, the Crow.... on the deck

The fire is blazing again. Wood is stacked for another long winter

Our amazing hardy Maple tree is blazing with color, definitely need to plant more of these around the yard

Raven tracks....I think those big birds look so funny waddling on the ground
Relax... Respect... Enjoy...the changing seasons... Dorri

Stained Glass

Along with our trip to Kelowna we stopped for a drink in Drumheller at a restaurant where I had made the stained glass panels for. I was really really amazed at how well they look. You are never sure after you do a job like this how well they will be cared for and what they will look like it in about 10 years. The shine on the lead is as glossy as the day I polished it. I did three similar jobs in Alberta and this is the Drumheller one. O'Sheas Pub & Eatery. They started out being Eagan McSwiggens and sometime in the 2nd job they changed names. All have a very Irish pub feel to them. This place had terrible reviews but they sure made a good Long Island Ice Tea.
The panels in the booth dividers

Booth dividers...there were many of these to be made!!

Me and the booth

Perry and I and a couple Long Island Ice Teas

These two matching panels were built side by side to be fit into a back lit panel

Me and the unicorn side of the panels

I am motivated to create a similar panel for the hole I had built in between the master bedroom bath and the stairwell but with dolphins and water too

4 large panels on either side of the fireplace can be viewed from bar and the restaurant depicting my version of an Irish country scene

The other two

The outside view of the building
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri