Monday, September 30, 2013

Workshop Update

Workshop Sink Installation
Finally a workshop sink gets installed
Custom made workshop sink from IBuild. This company also made the kitchen and laundry room copper farmhouse sinks. They are from Colorado and do beautiful work with metal. This beauty is deep and brushed stainless. Perry cut out the hole for it on my old desk and I covered the top of the desk with a mosaic of leftover tiles. The green and blue were from Brandon & Megan's bathroom reno and the brown ones from the Thomas Motors bathroom renos I did. A nice eclectic mix. Grouted... sealed and ready to use. I will eventually paint the legs and metal parts gray and attach a cover board to the front of the desk to finish it off. A good use I think of an old desk. I am little bit closer to to being able to create art again. Perry installed a pull down Moen faucet with a soap dispenser. Thank you my love. Small joys big joys this sink makes me happy and I am itching to get to work.
Should have taken a pic with the soap dispenser under the sink lol
Thanks for the cute tiles Brandon and Megan.... can't wait for you to come home and see it
Stay tuned for my first project.... hopefully by the end of October and before the wee little baby boy is born....
Relax... Respect... Enjoy.... love our life PT... Dorri

50 Ways to Take a Break

We often find ourselves with a one track mind up at the Lakehouse. Work work work and more work. More time required to just smell the roses. Of course we want the house done asap and we know that eventually it will be but during the interim we can make time for love, fun and family.

Perry and I did a 30 Day Squat Challenge.... I am not sure why and it was my idea? Something I stumbled upon on Pinterest!!! I love that site and the inspiration it gives me. So in addition to stopping work for a daily exercise break we did the Squat Challenge. I have to say that my quads are not as strong as in my hockey days but they responeded well. I found another challenge adding a different exercise maybe that will be the next one we try... haha if I can find it again.... I am sure I pinned it somewhere. 

There was plenty of rest time in June as we headed to Fort St John, BC for my daughter Ashley's wedding. We went early to help out in any way she needed us to. Much rock and driftwood were gathered and squirrelled away in the back of the truck. I miss my mountains... Looking forward to another nice relaxing getaway for Ashley's baby shower soon. I will arrive home refreshed and inspired, ready, willing and able to tackle the Lakehouse once again. Plus make time for play with Perry!

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pinterest Inspirations - Recipe Audition #1

Stuffed Bell Peppers
I love having willing guinea pigs when I find a recipe on Pinterest I want to try out. Thanks to Perry and Bold for loving these. This week the Stuffed Bell Peppers were a perfect option. The weather has been getting cooler lately, mornings are crisp and foggy, days are shorter and darker. Time for some oven baked comfort food.
I started with beautiful shiny red bell peppers
Cooked the onions and garlic in olive oil and browned the lean ground beef
Cut the tops off, careful to cut down far enough on the pepper so as not to un attach the stem... First one the stem fell out but it still worked fine
The recipe I loosely based my dish on is at the end of this post. I used these new canned tomatoes I found in the store this week and I also added a can of tomato paste
Brown rice cooked in chicken broth, only use half the liquid and cook about half the time. Should be runny with liquid when you are ready to use it
Add the tomato sauces and rice to the beef mix. I also added canned mushrooms but I would have added fresh if I had any on hand. Fresh is best when it comes to mushrooms. We love our mushrooms
Stuff the pepper with the ground beef mix. I wanted to get Zzoe to take this picture so you could see the spoon inside the pepper but dogs just don't listen so just imagine the spoon placing the mix inside and packing down lightly
The finished product. I sprinkled Kraft Grated Habanero cheese on top and place the  pepper cap over it. You could broil with the cap removed to brown the cheese before serving
You Will Need:
  • Six whole bell peppers (could have easily make 10 peppers with this recipe)
  • One pound lean ground beef
  • 1C. brown rice
  • 1 can crushed tomatoes (I used diced tomatoes & added 1 can tomato paste)
  • 1 can sliced mushrooms
  • 1 can chicken stock
  • 1 garlic clove, minced (I used 3 cos more is always better)
  • Grated cheese
  • Coarse salt & freshly ground black pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Season the meat with salt and pepper and brown in skillet on medium-temperature.
  3. In the meantime, cook the rice with half the amount of liquid (using chicken stock rather than water will add flavor) and half the time as noted on the box directions. Once the rice mixture is transferred to the peppers, the liquid in the peppers will cook the rice the remainder of the way in the over. Be careful not to over cook the rice before filling the peppers as it will get soggy.
  4. Add the can of tomatoes, liquid and all, into the skillet with the ground beef.
  5. Once the rice is done, add that too to the skillet along with the minced garlic and salt and pepper.
  6. Combine all ingredients well.
  7. Cut the tops off the peppers and remove all the seeds from inside.
  8. Take your meat and rice mixture and fill the peppers to the top. If there’s any extra stock from the rice, add it to each individual pepper. After the peppers are full, put the tops back on.
  9. Cover the entire baking dish with aluminum foil and throw the dish into the over for 50   minutes.
  10. Remove the foil and cook for an additional 10 minutes.
  11. I added the grated cheese and a lot of crumpled tin foil to make them stable in the baking dish I think another time I would use a muffin tin and cover with foil. Definitely had leftover ground beef mix. Likely depending on the size of your peppers this would make 12.
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Pinterest Pass... Love this recipe... Dorri

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lakehouse Siding Update

Siding Update
The inevitable delay again. We are short 7 trim boards for the back dormer on the bonus room. It should look like these two front ones but instead it looks like house wrap arggghhhh. We think the dormers look so pretty though with the Hardie Shingles. The shingles are all the Timber Bark color. They make a nice contrast with the Woodstock Brown main color. Not sure how long it will take to bring the boards in and get them up here. With any luck the siding will be completed by snow fall. Still some windows to caulk and Adam has to replace a board we aren't happy with but all in all the house looks great. Wish the rock would have been done too but mother nature won't let that happen this year. Another project for spring  & summer 2014. 
Have to complete arbour above garage doors
On tap for this week Pat the landscaper/tin guy is coming up to move some dirt and level the driveway somewhat. Lay some geo tech and dump some rocks around. Plumber dude should be here this week to move some water lines, finish the outside water taps, rough in my workshop sink or actually install it if it works for me in the desk I want to install it in. 
Front dormers facing west
Crazy beautiful stormy sky I Instagram-ed the other night
The front dormers from a different angle during that same storm 
We hung this gorgeous glass/iron sculpture that Angela gave me for my birthday on the wall under the  front porch

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Favourite Drink Tuesday

Hot Chocolate Martini

            3 ounces homemade hot chocolate, cooled
            1 ounce dark crème de cocoa
            1 ounce Bailey's irish cream
            3/4 ounce vanilla vodka
            3 to 4 miniature marshmallows

            Combine the chocolate, dark crème de cacao, Bailey's, and vanilla vodka in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake moderately.
            Drizzle chocolate on the inside of the chilled martini glass. Pour slowly into the centre of the glass.
            Drop 3 to 4 miniature marshmallows in the glass and roast with a crème brûlée torch, if desired. Garnish with a skewer of maraschino cherries. Might be cute to put a couple marshmallows on the skewer too and lightly torch them.
Relax... Respect...Enjoy... Something to warm up those crisp fall nights Dorri

Monday, September 16, 2013

Perry's Wood Shed

Building the Wood Shed
As winter is quickly approaching us in the "far  north" lol we began looking for a place to hide our nuts for winter. Pinterest has some great ideas for wood shed plans. We adapted a plan to suit our needs and Perry made the shed reality. We had a great skookum pallet that some of the long Hardie siding came on so that determined our size. Using leftover wood and really warped 1 x 4s this is what we built. We shingled it and I painted the outsides and trim to match the house somewhat. We built the shed inside the garage. That determined our height as we had to be able to get it out haha. Nice, warm and no wind or bugs. Hauled it back out with the zoom boom thing and down the hill to a sheltered spot in the trees. Easy access to get wood for the fireplace. Another fun project complete.
Building the frame and the back
No accidents in the removal of the shed from the garage
There's my sexy fiance starting the shingles
We who have never shingled did a super job not that you can tell here as this is the very beginning of the task
All tucked away in the trees waiting for some more wood
Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lakehouse Ceilings Update

Ceilings Update
The ceilings are coming along slow but sure. The bonus room vaulted ceilings should have been finished a week ago but unfortunately we ran out of stained/varnished tongue and groove. Estimation of product is always on the shy side for this project. I even added 30 more boards to my pile but that didn't help. Oh well. This meant Perry had to delay the flooring crew a couple more weeks. I am sorry that my sewing room furniture will still wait in the sea can to be released into my custody. Time off for good behaviour? We have the kitchen ceiling 1/4 done, the front foyer to be started, the garage foyer to start, the master bedroom walk-in closet to finish, the garage/workshop and garage 1/2 bath left in the ceiling department. Seems like a lot but we actually have a lot more complete. The doors and door jambs should arrive in two weeks. There will have to be some major staining and varnishing happening then before Pat comes back to install those. About 20 doors to install.
Dormer ready for the driftwood lights to be installed
Completing the ceilings all those crazy angles 
The light is really quite amazing in here, will be a wonderful sewing and art studio
The crown moulding was installed in the guest bedroom
The crown moulding in the hallway 
The tree looks so good here a nice contrast to the warm wood  cool driftwood
The skylights over the couch sitting area were not completed yet
The skylights on the art studio side of the room complete love the beadboard in there
Same skylights just from a different angle
This is the piece of ceiling still to be complete, right by the stairs
A cool view of the sky at night fall 
Dream room looking north to south from the stairway 
Looking south to north from where my sewing desk will sit
Relax... Respect...Enjoy...Dorri

What I am Reading

The Sins of the Mother - Danielle Steel

Every woman makes choices. And no one has made more difficult choices than Olivia Grayson. The enormously successful businesswoman missed out on much of her children’s lives while she built her legendary home-furnishings empire. In Danielle Steel’s character-rich new novel, Olivia faces the past, tries to balance the present, and makes amends where due, while still running her vastly successful business.

A great book in her very dependable Steel style. This was an audiobook I listened to and very much enjoyed. 

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Friday, September 13, 2013

What I am Reading

See Jane Run - Joy Fielding
One afternoon in late spring, Jane Whittaker went to the store for some milk and some eggs...and forgot who she was. Jane Whittaker has awakened to a nightmare. She doesn't know her name, her age...or even what she looks like. Frightened and confused, she wanders the streets of Boston wearing a blood-stained blue dress and carrying $10,000 in her pocket. Her life has become a vacuum, her past vanished...or stolen. And all that remains is a handsome, unsettling stranger who claims to be her husband, whispered rumors about a dead child whom she cannot recall...and a terrifying premonition that something truly horrible is about to occur.

This was a page turner.... I never wanted to put it down. The stuff that nightmares are made of. Awesome. You will love it. Great edge of your seat read.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What I am Reading

The Beach Club - Elin Hilderbrand

Gorgeous Nantucket is an island where memories are made, friendships begun, passions ignited. Now, during one unforgettable summer, the exclusive Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel will shape the fates of the men and women who walk through its doors...

Mack Petersen escaped the past and started over in a hotel that has become his life. This summer his secrets can't stay hidden...

Love O'Donnell, a glamorous Aspen native, takes a job at the Beach Club to implement her daring find a man to make her pregnant...

Vance Robbins has his African-American pride and festering resentments. This season, a gun and a woman offer him a chance to get even with the man he hates most...

Cecily Elliott, the owner's daughter, wild and beautiful at eighteen, is about to do something to break her parents' hearts.

Lacey Gardner, the Grande Dame of the Beach Club for 45 years, knows about 
desperate desire...and about the storm coming that will change everything at...

She does a great job describing the island and the characters. I want to go there. This book is filled with romance,a little mystery, a hurricane and lots of fun in the sun. 

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I am Reading

Grande Avenue - Joy Fielding
Looking back, it seemed like paradise: lives filled with the blessings of  friendship, marriage, children, and career.  For twenty years, four friends - Chris, Barbara, Susan, and Vicki  shared everything and faced challenges of life and love head-on.  Now, one sits alone to ponder the strange twists of fate and circumstance.  Now, she must sift through the past to discover exactly what went wrong, how dreams turned to nightmares as friendships faded and lives were destroyed....  Joy Fielding unlocks the secrets hidden within even the closest relationships in a powerful and mesmerizing novel that explores the meaning of unconditional love.

Really enjoyed this book and this author. Very hard to put down. Was a little slow on the draw but very quickly I was pulled into the story. 

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I am Reading

Sweet Salt Air - Barbara Delinsky
Charlotte and Nicole were once the best of friends, spending summers together in Nicole's coastal island house off of Maine. But many years, and many secrets, have kept the women apart. A successful travel writer, single Charlotte lives on the road, while Nicole, a food blogger, keeps house in Philadelphia with her surgeon-husband, Julian. When Nicole is commissioned to write a book about island food, she invites her old friend Charlotte back to Quinnipeague, for a final summer, to help. Outgoing and passionate, Charlotte has a gift for talking to people and making friends, and Nicole could use her expertise for interviews with locals. Missing a genuine connection, Charlotte agrees.
But what both women don't know is that they are each holding something back that may change their lives forever. For Nicole, what comes to light could destroy her marriage, but it could also save her husband. For Charlotte, the truth could cost her Nicole’s friendship, but could also free her to love again. And her chance may lie with a reclusive local man, with a heart to soothe and troubles of his own.

As usual I am reading two books at once, well listening to one and reading one on my IPad. Loving both of them. 

Baby Proof - Emily Griffith

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes . . . a baby carriage? Isn't that what all women want?

Not so for Claudia Parr. And just as she gives up on finding a man who feels the same way, she meets warm, wonderful Ben. Things seem too good to be true when they fall in love and agree to buck tradition with a satisfying, child-free marriage. Then the unexpected occurs: one of them has a change of heart. One of them wants children after all.

This is the witty, heartfelt story about what happens to the perfect couple when they suddenly want different things. It's about feeling that your life is set and then realizing that nothing is as you thought it was--and that there is no possible compromise. It's about deciding what is most important in life, and taking chances to get it. But most of all, it's about the things 

we will do--and won't do--for love.

Relax... Respect... Enjoy... Dorri